Today's Health Tips: This is the most nutritious diet for breakfast, beneficial in digestion to weight gain


Sabudana has been consumed in the country for years. The fast seems incomplete without a dish made from sago. Be it salty khichdi made from sago or sweet kheer, its dishes are not only very tasty but it is also considered very beneficial for health. Studies show that sago is one such nutritious food that is loaded with many health benefits. By making it a part of your diet, you can get many benefits. So if you too have been eating sabudana only for the taste, then you should also know about its health benefits.

Studies show that sago has a high amount of calories, as it is basically composed of starch. Starches are complex carbs that are considered helpful in providing energy to the body. Apart from this, it also contains proteins and vitamins, so consuming it can be especially beneficial for your health.


beneficial for exercisers
Studies show that consuming sabudana before a workout routine improves your performance. Sabudana is considered to be a good source of carbs which gives you instant energy. Eating carb-rich foods before exercise can help improve performance. A study conducted on cyclists shows that drinking a sago-rich beverage during exercise relieves fatigue and increases physical stamina.


aids in weight gain
If you are also trying to gain weight, then adding sago to your diet can be a better option for you. Sabudana, rich in carbs, helps in building the essential fatty tissues in the body to protect the internal organs. Apart from this, the consumption of sago is considered beneficial for increasing weight rapidly.

Keeps Digestion Healthy
Consuming sago can also be better for you to keep digestion right. The starch present in it can help improve digestive health. It helps in promoting the growth of healthy bacteria of the gut. The fiber found in it, along with easing bowel movements, is also considered helpful in preventing the problem of constipation.

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