Today's Health Tips: Drink a glass of lukewarm lemonade every morning on an empty stomach, amazing benefits


Dietician (Dietician), Ujala Cygnus Hospital

Degree- B.Sc. (Human Nutrition)

Experience - 8 Years

Medically Reviewed by Ms. Priya Pandey

Our healthy diet plays an important role in keeping our health healthy. What kind of diet are we taking, what are the nutritious elements in our food, which are not nutritious elements, are we eating on time or not, etc. In such a situation, it can be understood that how important our food is and one of these things is lemon. We use lemon in food (by putting it over vegetables) and many people also add lemon juice to salads to give them flavor. But we also have to understand that lemon does not only work to enhance the taste, but it also works to give many wonderful benefits to our health. So let us tell you that if you wake up every morning and consume lemon juice in lukewarm water and consume it, then what are the benefits you can get.


benefits of lemon water- Photo: Pixabay    

It Will help in weight loss

  • In today's era, people are very much troubled by the increasing weight, because it keeps the risk of diseases. At the same time, drinking lemon mixed with lukewarm water increases metabolism and it also helps in reducing the fat present in the body


benefits of lemon water- Photo: iStock    

Help in getting rid of constipation problem

  • If you are suffering from the problem of constipation, then you must include lemon in your diet and consume it daily in the morning with lukewarm water. By doing this, your acidity problem and constipation can be given a lot of relief.


benefits of lemon water- photo: istock    

Beneficial for skin

  • If you want your skin to be healthy and at the same time it is beautiful, then you must consume a glass of lemon water daily in the morning. Vitamin C found in lemon is essential for collagen formation, and it also helps in keeping your skin healthy.


benefits of lemon water- Photo: iStock    

Helpful in boosting immunity

  • In this corona period, it has become very important to strengthen immunity and lemon can do this work. This is because a good amount of vitamin C is found in lemon. So you can consume lemon and strengthen your immunity.

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