Today's fashion tips: Torn old jeans have to be given a new look, then try these tricks


Be it, boys or girls, jeans are definitely in the wardrobe of most of the youth. Along with giving a stylish look, jeans can be carried on almost every occasion. However, when jeans start getting old, such as if their color starts coming out or if they are torn, then people stop wearing them. Jeans may be your favorite, but you still can't wear them even if you want to. But if you want, you can carry old and torn jeans in a new look with some easy ways. Looking at your old jeans, no one will be able to guess that they are not new. In such a situation, if you have any old jeans, then instead of throwing them, prepare to carry them in a new look with the help of some ideas. Let's know how to make your old, torn, or discolored jeans like new.


Beaded Jeans
If your jeans are too old, then you can use pearl beads to make them look new. For this, you will need beads, fabric glue. To make the jeans look new with pearls, keep the jeans in a flat place and stick them in your favorite design or wherever you feel it is necessary. Take care not to stick more beads than necessary. Keep some space between the beads. This type of jeans also looks good at parties.


tie-dye on jeans
Tie-dye is in fashion these days. You can give a new look by dying your old jeans. For this, you will need tie-dye colors, rubber bands. Two to three dye colors can be used to dye jeans. First, soak your jeans in color and then tie them with a rubber band. You can use it after it dries.


printed jeans
You can also make your old jeans like new by painting or making a design. For this, you will need paint color, marker, brush. If you want, you can also bring the printed design from the market and stick it on the jeans. To paint, make a design on the jeans with a marker. Paint on it.


pair two jeans
Nowadays there is a fashion trend of two types of jeans. In this, on one of the jeans, you are attached to the other jeans. To make this you need two pairs of old jeans. Needle-thread, the sewing machine can do the work of joining both the jeans. For jeans of this design, first, take old jeans. Cut one of the jeans from the side and put the cloth of the other jeans on it. Now sew it with a sewing machine.