Today's fashion tips: Mahanavami and Dussehra have to be different, so try this traditional look of Mouni Roy


Navratri is about to end. Although every day of Navratri is special, the dates of Ashtami, Navami, and Dussehra are important in many ways. These days, different festivals are celebrated for the mother all over the country. Be it Garba in Gujarat, or Durga Puja of Kolkata, all these three days are celebrated with great pomp during Navratri. In such a situation, women dress up and participate in the celebration of the mother and dance. If you are also going to attend such an event on the occasion of Navami and Dussehra, then choose such clothes which will give you the most attractive look. In such a festival, the traditional dress will look more on you. So opt for traditional clothes. Now you must be wondering what to wear in traditional clothes that give you a different look, then you can take tips from Mouni Roy. These days the picture of actress Mouni Roy is coming out, she is perfect for the festive season. If you also want to look the best on Navami Dussehra, then take tips from Mouni Roy for the perfect festive season look.


Mouni Roy is quite famous for her Indian and Western looks. This lehenga look of Mouni Roy will be perfect for the festival. It can be seen in the picture that Mouni Roy has done a photoshoot wearing a white cream color lehenga. Mouni is looking very beautiful in this look. What is making her traditional look more dominant is her beautiful traditional jewelry. Mouni is wearing traditional statement gold earrings, bangles, a choker, and a necklace.

This lehenga is suitable for the festive season. Mouni is looking very beautiful in this dark brown colored lehenga. This color is different and will give you a different look at the party. With this, you can wear a blouse with a neckline according to your body. Mouni's V neckline is also flaunting the beauty of the actress.


If you want to wear a saree, instead of embroidered and stars-adorned saree, you can carry this type of party wear saree with prints or a floral look. This saree by Mouni has a thick golden border. The actress has done light makeup with a sari. Nude eyeshadow, light pink lipstick, mascara, cheeks are highlighted.

Sequin sarees are in trend these days. Both these sarees by Mouni Roy are giving a very stylish and glamorous look. Mouni's blouse designs are making her every saree look more glamorous. Mouni has chosen a suitable neckline according to her body type. You can also wear a golden or silver-colored sequins saree.