Tips To Control Anger: Know the easy ways to control anger, there will be no regrets later...


How To Control Anger: It is also harmful to express any emotion excessively. One of these emotions is anger. Anger is the enemy of man. Often people say or do something when they are very angry, which they later regret. Anger often spoils the relationship too. Excessive anger of parents toward children, and excessive anger of couples toward each other or their colleagues in the office can be fatal.


  A person's power to think and understand decreases in anger. Angry people take many such steps which can prove to be wrong. If you are in a relationship and you get angry more then you may say some such things in anger which can lead to the breakup of your relationship. In such a situation, one should know how to control anger. Let us know about the ways to control anger or reduce anger.

Shut up
It is better to remain silent when you are very angry than to say the wrong thing in anger. When you don't speak anything, the situation of dispute will not arise at all. On the other hand, if you remain silent when you are angry, then you will avoid using the wrong words in anger. That's where the matter will settle down. If you have to speak, then speak thoughtfully.

Change places
If too much anger is coming then move away from the place where you cannot get angry. Changing the place calms the mind. Try going to an open space or a place where you are alone. Alone in the garden or on the terrace, take a deep breath of fresh air and calm your anger.

Count down
If getting too angry then start counting down. Count slowly from 100 to one, without stopping in between. In this way, your attention will be diverted and anger will start reducing.


Listen to music
In anger, people often speak wrong as well as take wrong steps. Some people even start hurting themselves or others. In such a situation, if you get angrier, then listen to calm and relaxing music by wearing your earbuds. The mind and brain remain calm even by listening to songs.