Tips for Cooler: Cooler is not giving cool air, just follow this tip, and the room will get cool like AC!


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Can't live without AC in the hot sun. But many people work with a cooler or fan only. Often we see that the cooler throws hot air even when the flower is watered. But today we are going to see some such tricks. This will allow your cooler to provide cool air.

Today we are going to tell you about some such tricks, which if you try, you will feel cool like AC.


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Never keep the cooler in a closed room. There is no proper circulation of air in it and the room remains hot and sticky. In contrast, a cooler requires a ventilated room. If a cooler is installed in a ventilated room, it will cool the room completely.

Avoid keeping the cooler in the room. If you keep the cooler on in the room, the air in your room keeps on circulating and the warm air goes into your cooler. So, try to keep the cooler near an open window or door so that it draws air from outside to cool the room.


PC: lokmat.news18

The grass in the cooler also needs special care. If your lawn is old, it can collect dust, so it's important to clean it from time to time. If you think it's too bad, change it.

Water also plays an important role in the cooler. Special care has to be taken while filling the water in the cooler. During summer, the water in the house tank also gets heated up and if hot water is filled in the cooler at that time, the cooler does not give cool air. If you put ice water or a block of ice in the tank of the cooler, it will give very cold air.