Thyroid: Identify the symptoms of thyroid before the pain increases, you will get signals from these parts of the body


Due to Thyroid Dysfunction, High Cholesterol starts to occur and at the same time, the problem in the throat starts increasing, usually, the increase in the size of the throat is an important sign towards Hypothyroidism.


Muscle and joint pain
Due to hypothyroidism, the carpal tunnel starts developing in the hands, which leads to weakness in bones and muscles and joint pain also increases. The thyroid is called the master gland, if it does not work properly then almost every part of the body will get affected.

When you have thyroid problems, you start feeling more stressed, especially the chances of panic disorder increase.

Hair and skin problems
If people in your family have hair and thyroid problems, you may also have this problem. Your hair starts falling quickly and skin problems are common as well. In many cases, people also face issues of infertility.


Upset stomach
Thyroid dysfunction can lead to abdominal problems, including constipation and diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome.