Thyroid Disorder: Does Obesity Mean Thyroid? Know about these symptoms of thyroid..


Weight gain is one of the common problems of the present times. There can be many reasons for this such as lifestyle or food habits or many underlying health problems. Many times the increased weight is considered a thyroid problem. But does the thyroid cause weight gain every time? The answer is no - it is a common symptom of thyroid problems, but it is not necessary that every time you become a victim of obesity due to this disorder.


Thyroid and weight gain problem
Thyroid hormone controls metabolism and problems in metabolism have an impact on weight. Weight gain is common in people with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Hormones released by your thyroid gland help regulate metabolism so the body can better use food for energy. When your thyroid makes less hormone, your metabolism slows down. In such a situation, if you do not burn calories and your weight may increase.

Weight can also be reduced
Thyroid disorder can cause not only weight gain but also weight loss. Hyperthyroidism, a type of thyroid disorder in which the thyroid gland starts releasing too many hormones, can also cause you to lose a lot of weight, tremors in your hands, and fast or irregular heartbeat. Meaning weight gain and loss can both be related to thyroid disorders.

Thyroid disorder is not the only reason for weight gain
However, to assume that thyroid disorder is the reason for weight gain or loss is also wrong. There are many other reasons for weight gain, it becomes necessary to know the right reasons and treat them. Weight gain occurs when your caloric intake is high but you are not able to burn calories through physical activity.

Genetics can also be a reason for weight gain or loss.


Weight gain or loss can also occur due to health conditions such as illness and taking medications.

Stress and lack of sleep have also been linked to weight problems.
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