Thumb Palmistry: Your thumb tells your complete personality, and know-how!


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Information about a person's character and future can be obtained on the basis of the fingers and the lines drawn on them. Because many aspects related to a person's life are hidden in the lines of the fingers of the hands. It is always said that hands represent the human body as they play a major role in every work. That's why the hand and thumb are very important in astrology. Due to this many aspects and secrets of life are likely to be revealed. Along with this, the nature of a person can also be known from the lines of the fingers. So let's find out what is hidden in your life according to palmistry.

According to palmistry, if a person has long nails in his hand, then understand that he loves to talk to others. Such individuals try to impress others as well as prove themselves to be the best. Apart from this, people with long nails are attracted to other people. Apart from this, a person whose nails are short and wide can be very irritable. They do not like to do any work honestly. That is why a person with short nails is always called unprofessional.


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Individuals whose nails are broad and rounded at the front can be very angry and stubborn. Such people are always ready for battle. People with curved thumbs are very generous. It is believed that these people are ready to help people at any time and always think about society.


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People who have flat nails are very angry about small things. Furthermore, people with longer thumbs tend to spend more time interacting with others. But they do not trust anyone easily. But such people have good reasoning power. So they can understand any subject very well. If someone's thumb is thick, then it is very difficult to understand his nature. They can turn aggressive at any time, so it is important to be patient and careful while dealing with such people.