Threads got a tremendous response in the beginning, but then why did the users leave the app!


Threads: Meta's new social media app Threads is about to complete one year and it has more than 175 million monthly users. This information has been given by the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself. Threads was specially created to compete with X (formerly known as Twitter), that too at a time when billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter. Threads was launched in July 2023.


Threads got 100 million users in the 

first few days of its launch. A big reason for this was that it was very easy for Instagram users to create a Threads profile. However, later some of the initial users left the app. Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post on Threads, "What a great year it has been!". A few months ago, he had told that the MAU of Threads is more than 150 million.

However, this number of 1.75 billion users does not fully reflect the popularity of the Threads app. Threads has not yet made public important information like daily active users (how many people use the app in a day) and the average time spent by users using the app daily.

According to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Threads has increased the number of users, but has failed to motivate them to use the app. According to Sensor Tower's data, last month, on an average, users opened the Threads app three times a day and used it for only seven minutes. These figures are about 79% and 65% less than in July last year.

No advertisements on Threads 

There are no advertisements on Threads yet, which means Meta is not earning much from it right now. Recently, Threads has been included in a group of social media sites called Fediverse. The specialty of Fediverse is that users of different platforms present here can interact with each other.

E-Marketer analyst Jasmine Enberg says that "even after a year of launch, it is clear what Threads is not, but it is still not clear what it is." She believes that lack of direction and no special content of its own can hinder the growth of Threads. She further said that "Maybe Meta is considering whether to keep Threads as a separate app or take users back to Instagram. The good news is that advertisers are very interested in this platform."