Those people who have such problems in their bodies, those people should not consume brinjal!


All of us consume many types of vegetables and among them, brinjal filling is a favorite of many people. But it is hardly known that some people should not consume brinjal because this delicious brinjal can also harm the health of some people. That's why we are going to tell you which people should not consume it.


A lot of people complain about the lack of blood and people should never eat eggplant.

Hemorrhoids patients

Many people have piles problem, they should also not consume brinjal because by doing so your problem can become even more serious.


When allergy problem

for many people is the problem of allergies and people should avoid intake of brinjal.

In pregnancy

Women who are pregnant, should not take the wagon and are quite hot Taseer brinjal you tell and they tend to generate more heat in our body, and you can be quite troublesome.

Stone problem,

which has become a common problem in today's time and those who have stones should not eat brinjal because oxalate is also found in it which is very harmful to our kidneys.


In the problem of blood pressure

Blood pressure often happens to everyone in today's time. But they should not consume brinjal.