This policy of LIC is amazing, after depositing Rs 2250 you will get Rs 14 lakh!


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In India, LIC ( Life Insurance Corporation ) is running many insurance schemes for the citizens. Lakhs of people are benefiting from these schemes of LIC. You can also take advantage of this scheme.

These schemes include many types of schemes for different people.​ ​​​ One such scheme involves depositing ₹2,250, after which one will get ₹ 14 lakh. We are going to give you information about it.

This scheme of LIC is especially for girls, which is known as the “ Kanyadan Policy ”.​​​​​ This is a safe plan.


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Under this policy, you can meet the expenses of your daughter's education and marriage. Both daily and monthly premiums can be paid in this scheme.​​​​

You can invest Rs 2,250 monthly in this scheme.​​ After 25 years, you will get ₹ 14 lakh as maturity.


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You can also increase or decrease the amount of this policy. However, this will also change your maturity amount.

If the policyholder dies, the nominee gets up to ₹ 10 lakh.​​​ If death occurs after the maturity period, you get up to ₹ 27 lakh. To avail the benefits of this scheme of LIC, the age of the daughter should be at least 1 year.