This oil will increase nails in a natural way, know how to use it


Nowadays it is often seen that many types of nail art are adopted to get an attractive look. It looks attractive only when your nails are long. Many girls have very short nails or they break quickly and then improve their look by applying fake nails. Today we are going to tell you such a special way by which you can grow your nails naturally.

Olive oil - Tell me, if we talk about olive oil, then this oil is considered an effective remedy. Olive oil is also called the nail nutrient and the folic acid and vitamin E present in it prevent yellow nail syndrome and fungal infections. In yellow nail syndrome, the nails become yellow and in fungal infection, the nails start breaking and their shape gets spoiled.


How to use - Take a bowl of olive oil. Now heat it lightly on the gas or in the microwave. Now after that massage your nails and cuticles with this warm oil before going to bed at night. After which sleep wearing gloves on your hands and the oil applied on your hands overnight will help in healing your nails. You can dip your fingers in warm olive oil for 15 to 20 minutes.