This is how you can check your PF account balance without a UAN number!


PC: abplive

Employees from various job sectors have a Provident Fund (PF) account. In government jobs, it is managed by the government, whereas in private jobs, the employers handle it. It serves as an excellent savings plan for the future, benefiting both employees and companies. Additionally, it earns good interest rates.

If needed, you can also withdraw money from this account. All PF account holders have a Universal Account Number (UAN) to access their accounts. However, sometimes people need to check their balance even without their UAN number. Here's how you can do that.


PC: abplive

Check Balance Without UAN:

Often people are unaware of their PF balance. To check your PF balance, you usually need to log in to the official EPFO ​​website with your UAN and password. But you can check your PF balance even without a UAN number.

For this, you will have to give a missed call on number 9966044425. After giving a missed call, an SMS will come on your phone giving information about your PF account balance. Alternatively, you can also message 7738299899 to inquire about your PF balance.

Check balance using Umang app:

You can download the Umang app on your phone to access your PF account and check your balance. To do this, visit the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store to download the app. After downloading, log in with your UAN number. Then, go to the 'Passbook' section to check your PF balance.