This ancient temple is very mysterious, where devotees become rich as soon as they go in!


There are lakhs of crores of temples in India. Many of these temples are known for their mysteries. One such temple is located in Madhya Pradesh. Located in Manak of Ratlam district, the name of this ancient temple Mahalaxmi Temple is also very famous in India. All the wishes of the devotees who come here are fulfilled and they also become rich. So let's know about this temple.

Gold and silver coins and ornaments are given to the devotees visiting the temple. Every day hundreds of people come here for darshan. In this temple, devotees offer ornaments worth crores of rupees to Maa Mahalakshmi every day. Here devotees also make offerings worth lakhs of rupees. Devotees have a lot of faith in this temple.

Dhan Kuber's court is held on the occasion of Diwali. Then Deepotsav is organized here. The temple is then decorated with ornaments and money. In the court of Dhan Kuber, devotees get gold and silver ornaments and money as prasad.


According to the beliefs, earlier kings used to offer ornaments and money to this temple for the prosperity and happiness of their kingdom. Since then the tradition of offering money and ornaments to Goddess Mahalakshmi is going on.