This 87-year-old who has not taken bath for 67 years is completely healthy, health experts are also surprised by this


Bathing in winter is a difficult task for everyone. Still, people take bath. Have you heard that there is a person who has not bathed in years? Yes, there is a person who has not taken bath for the last 67 years. This person is a resident of Iran, whose name is Amo Haji and their age is 87 years. 87-year-old Amo Haji has not taken a bath for the last 67 years. He has not even poured water on his body in all these years. That's why he is also called the dirtiest person in the world. The doctors who examined his health have told a surprising thing.


Why Haji does not take a bath
Amo Haji does not take bath because he is afraid of water. They are also afraid that if they take a bath, they will fall ill. He believes that because of cleanliness, he will get sick. That's why he doesn't take bath, due to which his face has turned black and his whole body has become smelly. There is no one standing beside them. Because of this, they lived alone in the desert of Iran. Haji, 87, currently lives in a hut in Dejgah village. The local people have built this hut for them.


Amo Haji did not have his own house and lived in the pits of the desert. Amo Haji, a resident of Dejgah village in Iran, drinks five liters of water a day. According to media reports, he does not like to be clean. That's why they also eat rotten food. It is said that they only eat rotten meat of dead animals and drink water from ponds.


Amo Haji will be surprised to know about the measures he takes to avoid the cold. According to reports, he wears the old helmet used during the war to avoid the cold. He has been wearing the same cloth for many years. He also wears the newly found clothes on him.


Healthy even after not bathing for 67 years
Amo Haji, who lives alone, also smokes. When doctors visited the hut and examined Amo Haji, he was shocked. On examination, the doctors found that he is completely healthy. There was no bacteria or serious illness in his body. He was as healthy as a regular person living in a nice clean house. Amo Haji was tested by an associate professor of parasitology for the School of Public Health in Tehran.


Physicians and specialists aimed to study parasites and bacteria that might have developed in unwashed and dirty bodies. But they have confirmed that Haji did not have any bacteria in his body despite eating rotten food and staying without a bath for 67 years.

People living around Amo Haji respect him, though many take a jibe at him. The local administration has helped them. The local governor has urged people to leave him alone. The governor says that he is a gentle soul.