These things should not be done at the time of Shradh!


The Shradh Paksha or Pitru Paksha based on the Hindu calendar began on Monday 24 September and ends on Monday 8 October. Shradh is a ritual performed by the children or relatives of the deceased ancestors for the peace of the departed soul.

It is believed that the souls of our dead ancestors come to the earth in the form of energy for 16 days from the full moon to the new moon during Bhadrapada month. These energies can influence our lives as they wish.
During this period, food, clothes, and donations are given to the Brahmin priests who help in performing the Shradh rituals. Animals like cows, dogs, and crows are fed. But during this time you should avoid doing some work. We are going to tell you about them.
Avoid eating rice, non-vegetarian, garlic, onion, and outside food during Pitru Paksha. Eat only home-cooked sattvic food. Avoid cooking or eating brinjal as well.
Do not use lentils, black urad, gram, black cumin, black salt, black mustard, and any impure or stale food item in Shradh food.
# A person performing Shraddha Karma should not cut his nails.
# He should not get a beard or haircut.
# He should not wear dirty clothes.

They should not use leather products like belts, wallets or shoes while performing Shradh.
#Addiction destroys your good deeds and charity during Shradh. Many times people chew tobacco, smoke cigarettes, or consume alcohol. Do not indulge in such bad habits. This obstructs the fruitful result of performing Shradh Karma.
#Avoid having physical relations. Be on celibacy mode.
# Do not lie or use harsh words or curse others.
# If possible, do not wear slippers in the house for the whole 16 days.
#Avoid the use of black or red flowers and extremely fragrant or odorless flowers for Shradh Puja and rituals.
On the day of Shradh, it is also forbidden to eat food again and again by the person performing Shradh Karma.
Do not use iron utensils for rituals. Instead, use utensils made of gold, silver, copper, or bronze to please your ancestors.
Do not buy or wear new clothes during the Shradh period.

# Do not enter a new house, start a new business or new venture or celebrate a birthday, etc. during this fortnight.
During this time, do not bring new material things, new cars, etc. in the house.
# Shradh should not be performed in the evening, night, or dawn.
Do not wash clothes on the day of Shradh.