These special facilities are available after getting a government job, these things help in saving money!


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Nowadays people give preference to government jobs over private jobs for many reasons, the biggest reason which is the facilities available in government jobs.

Government jobs provide more facilities than private jobs, leading to significant savings and financial benefits.

In government jobs, one does not have to worry about health care expenses as the government provides free medical facilities to the employees and their families.


pc:ABP News

Additionally, government employees also get insurance coverage provided by the government, eliminating the need for them to purchase separate policies.

Government employees are also entitled to Earned Earned Leave (EL) every year, which allows them to travel anywhere in India at government expense.

If a Government servant is posted in an area where family accommodation is permitted, they are provided accommodation facilities including free electricity and water.

Government employees also get an education allowance from the government for their children's school education, which helps them save a lot of money.