These habits of yours reduces the beauty


Many people apply face wash by rubbing it fast on the wrong face. After washing the face, always a light massage should be done with the tips of the fingers. It is better to wash the face with lukewarm or cold water once or twice a day. Use face wash and cleanser made from alcohol and more chemical-rich things.

Getting a pedicure after waxing can allow bacteria to stick to the skin very easily, which can lead to infection. It is better to get a pedicure done at least 24 hours after waxing. Do not cut the cuticles of your nails during a pedicure as they can invite germs to enter the skin.


Shampoo eliminates the natural oil on the scalp, so if you shampoo too much, it can make your hair dry and lifeless. Depending on your hair type, you can decide how many times a week you need to wash your hair.


Swimming pool water contains many chemicals that can damage hair. Therefore, swimming in dry hair should be avoided. Wet your hair slightly with tap water before swimming. Shampoo your hair immediately after swimming, it keeps your hair's beauty, shine, and strength.


Often people use cotton to clean the earwax, which is not right. Ear-cleansing cotton allows more ear wax or scum to get inside. This can damage the eardrum and the small bones of the ear that aid in hearing. You can take the help of a doctor to clean the earwax or wax in the ear.