These changes in the fingers are not minor, they are a sign of 3 diseases that make the body a skeleton!


Early Sign Of Deadly Disease: As soon as a deadly disease enters the body, many types of symptoms start appearing. Here you can know about one such sign which is associated with 3 deadly diseases.


The most common causes of untimely death include life-threatening diseases. The best way to avoid this is to not ignore the changes taking place in the body. This is important because these changes can be the result of a serious disease entering the body. Do not try to take anything lightly.

Recently, Abbas Kanani, super-intended pharmacist at Chemist Click, while talking to, informed about one such sign seen in the hands which is a sign of not one but three deadly diseases. 

signs of life-threatening diseases

According to experts, edema i.e. swelling in fingers, wrists, and hands can be an early sign of life-threatening diseases. Swelling in the hands without any reason can be the result of water retention caused by water accumulation in the body. 

These diseases can be the cause of swelling in the hand-

Kidney Disease

Experts say that when the body is suffering from chronic kidney disease, the fluid balance starts deteriorating, which can cause edema. Symptoms of kidney weakness include vomiting and blood in urine, nausea, fatigue, and less urination.

Liver damage

Due to liver problems, the body starts lacking the protein that keeps the amount of fluid in the blood balanced. Due to this, sometimes swelling starts appearing in the hands, feet, and stomach due to water retention. Let us tell you that when the liver gets damaged, symptoms like stomach ache, itching in hands and feet and dark-colored urine also start appearing.

heart failure

If the heart is unable to pump blood properly, fluid starts accumulating in the organs, which causes the heart to stop working. Symptoms of heart failure include persistent cough, fatigue, weakness, and rapid heartbeat.