These bad habits of childhood are making people victims of diabetes!


Bad lifestyle:

The lifestyle of children is also getting worse. The pattern of sleeping and waking is deteriorating. Deteriorating lifestyle is increasing the risk of diabetes.  

Consumption of fast food 

Children now prefer to eat fast food from outside rather than home food. Consumption of fast food is causing diabetes. 

Eating too much sweets: 

A study conducted in AIIMS has revealed that eating too much sweets increases BMI, which leads to obesity in the body which increases the risk of diabetes. 

Soft drinks:

Children have started drinking soft drinks in the summer season. The trend of drinking soft drinks has increased in the last few years. This also increases obesity.  

Physical Activity

If a child does not do physical activity then his risk of getting diabetes increases manifold. Nowadays children are using phones instead of paying attention to sports. 

Children who suffer from diabetes also have an increased risk of many other diseases. Diabetes can also cause kidney damage. There is a risk of many diseases. To avoid diabetes in children, it is important to correct their lifestyle and change their eating habits.