These are the veteran Indian industrialist women, who are handling the responsibility of top companies

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India has seen the rise of several accomplished women in top leadership positions in various industries. Here are a few veteran Indian industrialist women who have taken on significant responsibilities in leading companies:

  1. Nisaba Godrej: She is the Chairperson and Managing Director of Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), one of India's leading FMCG companies. Nisaba Godrej is also a member of the Board of Directors of Godrej Industries Limited.

  2. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Known as the "Biocon Lady," Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is the founder and Chairperson of Biocon Limited, a biopharmaceutical company. She has played a crucial role in shaping the biotechnology industry in India.

  3. Vinita Bali: Vinita Bali served as the CEO and Managing Director of Britannia Industries Limited, a renowned food and beverage company. Under her leadership, Britannia witnessed significant growth and expansion.

  4. Chanda Kochhar: Chanda Kochhar was the former CEO and Managing Director of ICICI Bank, one of India's largest private sector banks. She played a vital role in transforming ICICI Bank into a prominent financial institution.

  5. Shobhana Bhartia: Shobhana Bhartia is the Chairperson and Editorial Director of HT Media Limited, which owns major media brands like Hindustan Times and Mint. She has been actively involved in shaping the media landscape in India.

  6. Zia Mody: Zia Mody is a prominent corporate lawyer and co-founder of AZB & Partners, one of India's leading law firms. She has made significant contributions to corporate law and has advised numerous top companies on complex legal matters.

  7. Shikha Sharma: Shikha Sharma served as the CEO and Managing Director of Axis Bank, one of India's prominent private sector banks. She played a crucial role in the bank's growth and expansion during her tenure.

These women have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, business acumen, and resilience in their respective industries. They serve as inspiring role models for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals in India and beyond.