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Be it a wedding celebration or a sad moment, people often turn to alcohol to celebrate or drown their sorrows. While some people like to go to bars or liquor stores, others prefer to keep liquor at home. However, there are specific rules and regulations set by the government regarding keeping alcohol at home.

In general, there is no need to obtain legal permission to keep alcohol in the home. But if you intend to stock large quantities, a license is required. Keeping alcohol in the home without a license is illegal and can have legal consequences.


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However, this does not mean that you can store unlimited amounts of wine at home. There are some limits placed on the amount you can hold. The permitted limit varies from state to state.

For example, in Delhi, the permissible limit is 18 litres, while in Uttar Pradesh, it is capped at 6 litres. If you want to store more than the prescribed limit in Uttar Pradesh, you will have to obtain a license, and the annual license fee is Rs 12,000. With a license in Uttar Pradesh, you can keep up to 72 bottles of liquor at home.