There are some important rules to worship Hanuman Ji!


Sankatmochan Hanuman ji is worshiped by many of us. It is one of the most worshiped deities in every Hindu household. All worship Hanuman ji and wish him auspicious results. With this, being pleased with his devotees, he destroys all their troubles and also fulfills their wishes. But there are some rules of worship of Hanuman ji which you should keep in mind and you should also know in detail about their benefits.


When to do Hanuman ji's sadhana

Many people believe that women should not worship Hanuman ji or should not worship 'Sawa Prahar' in the morning. Whereas this is not written in any scripture or Purana. Similarly, women should also worship Hanuman ji.


Rules for worshiping

Hanuman ji It is best to start the worship of Hanuman ji on Tuesday.

After bathing the idol of Hanuman ji with water and Panchamrit, he should be offered vermilion with oil.

The red flower is very dear to Hanuman ji. Therefore, you should offer red-colored flowers like hibiscus, roses etc. while worshiping them.

You can offer jaggery and wheat bread churma etc. to Hanuman ji in the prasad.

Charanamrit is not used in the worship of Hanuman ji.

In worship of Hanuman ji, one should chant the mantra by facing towards the south direction.

Benefits of Worshiping Hanuman ji Worshiping

Hanuman ji gives strength, intelligence, power to the seeker.

With this the ego of the mind ends and only good thoughts remain in the mind.

Hanuman ji removes the sorrow of the poor and fulfills their every wish. ;

All worldly and transcendental happiness is attained by Hanumant Sadhana.