There are many special religious places in Bihar, which are related to Mahabharata.


If you have gone to visit Bihar, then you will find many such places in Bihar where you can make your trip. There are many places in Bihar where religious places are worth visiting and tourists come here, however, the center of attraction in Bihar is Rajgir. Which is a bridge made of glass, but if you are going to Rajgir along with it, then definitely go here.


Rajgir present in Bihar is a very special place it was the capital of Magadha since ancient times and Jainism 24th Tarthkar Mahavir Swami attained salvation in Rajgir but here a temple is built at the place of salvation which is very attractive and you can see the water temple. can go for

Saptaparni Cave

The Saptakarni cave, located near Rajgir, is a tourist destination that you will find in the middle of the hill. You can see a hot water pool here and it is said that one who bathes in the hot water of this pool becomes healthy and the skin ie. There is no skin-related disease.


Laxmi Narayan temple

If you are in Bihar then you can visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple, this temple is very special and there is a hot water pool, even today this pool exists and devotees take a dip here with faith.

Gold reserves

If you want to find the gold of the Mahabharata period then you should go to Swarna Bhandar here you have a large amount of gold inside the cave. It is said that the secret of entering the cave is written in Gupta and the secret to opening it is written in conch script. You can visit Swarna Bhandar Cave. You can go here to see it.

Vulture mountain

If you want to go here then you can go to Gridhkoot mountain, you have Shandi Spout here where Shandi Spout has been built and you get a chance to visit Gridhkoot mountain.