There are many lies related to ICU, whose truth is very important for you to know!


From the name of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) itself, you can understand that this place is for those patients whose condition is more critical. A team of good doctors, cleanliness, facilities, everything is present here all the time. Machines like ventilators, monitors, ECMO, and dialysis are always present here to check the condition of the patient. People get very scared on hearing the name of the ICU. But there is nothing scary in the ICU. All these things are kept to monitor the patient well so that no one faces any problem. There are many lies and misconceptions in the minds of people regarding ICU. Today we will expose those lies.


What is inside the ICU?

Patients are given special care in the ICU. It is also known by many other names like ICU, CCU, IMCU, SICU, NICU, etc. People are afraid of the ICU because going to the ICU means a direct indication of a health risk to the patient. Many machines and monitors keep an eye on the patient's condition. Anyone other than doctors and nurses is not allowed to go to ICU. The reason for this is to keep the environment there calm. 

What is ventilator support?

When a patient starts having trouble breathing, he is put on a ventilator. In this, the patient is helped to breathe by wearing an oxygen mask. Every patient is examined very closely on the ventilator, and in case of problems like unconsciousness, cardiac arrest, kidney failure, and severe sepsis, he is helped by machines.

The patient is taken good care of in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but people have many misconceptions related to it, due to which people get scared on hearing the name of ICU or seeing the room. Many such cases come up every day, where the patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) recover and start living their daily lives again. This is a revolution in the field of medicine.

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