The third biggest reason for divorce is snoring, if you are also troubled by this habit of your partner then read the news!


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Snoring has become quite common these days, but do you know that this common phenomenon can also cause major problems one day? Often, you might have noticed that many people snore at your home or when you travel by train and they do not even realize it. However, those whose sleep is very sensitive may not be able to sleep because of others. Let us tell you that snoring has become the third biggest reason for divorce. Let us understand this in detail.

A report by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has revealed shocking figures. As the MSD Manual reports, approximately 57% of men and 40% of women worldwide snore. Talking about India, about 43% of people snore occasionally and 20% of people snore regularly. Apart from this, a large population around the world is troubled by the problem of snoring. The reason for the breakdown of relationships is the same problem in Western countries with high divorce rates. Although the divorce rate in India is low, relationships are also going in the wrong direction due to snoring. Due to divorce, couples are preferring to sleep in separate rooms and this is clearly affecting their sex life.


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What is sleep divorce?

There are only 20% of couples worldwide in which neither partner snores and their relationship is free from the dangers of snoring. The remaining 80% of couples are struggling with this problem. This is why snoring has emerged as a major challenge for relationships around the world. A report suggests that 25 to 40% of married couples prefer to sleep separately regularly due to reasons like snoring. This leads to a lack of emotional and physical connection between them. The result is that the relationship reaches the verge of breaking. This situation is called sleep divorce, in which the partners do not separate completely, but their relationship diminishes to a great extent.


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If your partner snores, follow these tips:

Change your partner's sleeping position.

Lifestyle change line.

Gift a snoring device.

Dry mouth is the cause of increasing snoring. Give water to your partner.

Use earplugs instead of sleeping in different rooms.

Don't blame your partner for snoring. They don't do this intentionally.

seek medical advice. Snoring can be a serious health problem.