The cylinder also has an expiry date, you can check it this way!


There was a time when food was cooked on earthen stoves. But now gas stoves are available in almost every house, which run on gas cylinders. People regularly check the gas cylinder to see if there are any leaks or whether it is being supplied properly or not.

Whatever deficiencies there are, they are examined from time to time. However, when it comes to the gas cylinder used for cooking in the kitchen, its expiry date is checked. Do you have any information about this? Let us tell you how to check the expiry date of the cylinder.

How to check the expiry date of a gas cylinder:

The gas cylinder used in the kitchen also has an expiry date and the method to determine it is very easy. If you have looked closely at your gas cylinder, you must have seen a circular cover on it. There will be some writing inside, consisting of letters and numbers, such as A-25, B-26, or C-27. These numbers indicate the expiry date of the cylinder.

First of all, let's talk about letters. On the cylinder are the letters A to D, representing the three months. That is, if it is A, it will show the first three months of the year, which are January, February and March. Similarly, B represents April, May, and June, C represents July, August, and September, and D represents October, November, and December.

The numbers represent the year:

The numbers written on the gas cylinder indicate the year. The expiry date of the cylinder is decided by the combination of letters and numbers. The expiry date is not of the gas filled in the cylinder but of the cylinder itself. For example, if D-28 is written on a gas cylinder, it means that it will be valid till December 2028. After this, the gas will not be refilled in it.