That unique temple in the world where Hanuman ji sits in the form of a squirrel, know here!



Devotion to Lord Hanuman is not only spread across India but also echoes globally with numerous temples dedicated to him, each of which has a different significance. Among them, the Hanuman Temple of Aligarh stands out as a unique and famous abode of Bajrangbali, where Hanuman ji is worshipped in the form of a squirrel. It is believed in this temple that by worshipping continuously for 41 days, every wish of the devotees is fulfilled.

Worship of Hanuman in squirrel form:

Located near Achal Tal Sarovar, the Gilharaj Temple in Aligarh is globally recognized. While there are around 50 temples in the vicinity, Gilharaj Temple is known for its unique practices. It is considered to be the only temple globally where Hanuman is worshipped in the form of a squirrel.

According to religious texts, during the construction of the Ram Setu bridge, Lord Rama requested Hanuman to take some rest. However, Hanuman, demonstrating his dedicated nature, took the form of a squirrel and assisted in the construction of the bridge. Seeing this, Lord Rama placed his hand on Hanuman, leaving a mark on his back resembling squirrel hair, a mark that is still visible on the idol.

Divine Revelation in Dream:

Chief Priest, Kailash Nath shared that the identity of the symbolic representation of Gilharaj was first revealed to Saint Mahendranath Yogi in a dream. Hanuman appeared and instructed them to worship at Achal Tal, where several squirrel-shaped mounds were found. On digging, the idol of Hanuman was found in the form of a squirrel. Since then, this idol has been installed and worshipped in the temple.

Ancient Heritage:

Considered to be of immense antiquity, this temple has its roots in the Mahabharata period when Lord Krishna's brother Dauji Maharaj first worshipped Hanuman in the form of a squirrel in the Achal Tal. This temple stands as a unique symbol across the world where the eyes of Lord Hanuman are visible.

Freedom from troubles through worship:

Legend has it that by worshipping this temple continuously for 41 days, all the sorrows go away and one gets freedom from the ill effects of the planets. It is believed that the mere darshan of the deity here provides relief from the inauspicious effects of Saturn and other planets. Unlike other Hanuman temples, where changing of the god's attire happens once a day, devotees here offer 50-60 different attires to Bajrangbali every day.