Tetra, double toned, or cow's milk? Know which milk is beneficial for health

Tetra, double toned, or cow's milk? Know which milk is beneficial for health

Milk is very important for every age. There is much much nutrition in it which is needed from children to elders. For the increasing development of the children, to protect the elders from many diseases, but nowadays so many different types of milk have come in the market which confuses a lot in choosing the better one. So what are the benefits in which, today we will know about this?

Cow or buffalo milk

Consumption of powdered milk is much better than cow and buffalo milk because we all know that there is adulteration in cow or buffalo milk. But its scope is negligible in powdered milk. By the way, more fat is present in the milk of buffalo than that of a cow. There are about 65-70 calories in 100 ml of cow's milk, while 100 ml of buffalo milk contains 117 calories. So if you are troubled by obesity then avoid buffalo milk and if cholesterol is high then avoid cow's milk.

Toned or double toned milk

Both toned and double-toned milk protect you from cholesterol and fat. Fat is 7-8% in full cream milk, 3% intoned, and 1.5% in double-toned milk. Children should be fed exclusively full cream milk. Mother's milk is better for babies up to 6 months.

Tetra pack milk

Tetra Pack is popular among fitness-conscious people due to its packing. But yes, its packing is such that the milk does not spoil for a long time but it is better than the rest of the milk, this is wrong. Usually, an adult needs 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium daily. A glass of milk contains up to 285 mg of calcium. Drinking milk daily can prevent various bone problems in old age.