Tenant's Rights: Renters should know their rights, the landlord will not do as he pleases...


If you also live somewhere away from home by taking a house on rent, then this news is useful for you. You need to get a rent agreement for the house taken on rent. This is a document made between both the landlord and the tenant. Every kind of information related to both the parties is recorded in it. Both of these are required to follow the rules mentioned in the document.


As a tenant, you have many rights which you can exercise if needed. If you are aware of these rights then you can avoid many problems. Here we are going to tell you about some things related to rent agreement and Indian rent regulation, let us know.

What are the rights of the tenant?
If you take a house on rent, the landlord must compulsorily provide you with some facilities. Apart from essential services, these include things like security and right to privacy. Besides, it is also important for you to know that no landlord can throw a tenant out of the house without any solid reason. While taking a house on rent, you should make a written agreement with your landlord so that in case of any dispute, you can complain about it.

What are the rules of Indian Rent Regulation?
A large number of houses in India are rented and given. Rental housing is so popular in India that many states are preparing to bring rental policies keeping the future in mind. According to the Model Tenancy Act of the Central Government, the tenant needs to sign the rent agreement. To promote rented houses in India, the government has implemented the Model Tenancy Act. Through this, efforts are being made to make the process beneficial for both the tenant and the landlord.


Not only making the rent deed, registration is also necessary
Many people who take a house on rent do not take the preparation of the rent deed and its registration so seriously. Many times both the tenant and the landlord make a verbal agreement to save some money. At the same time, it also happens that despite getting the rent deed made, it is not registered to avoid fees. Doing this not only puts you at risk but it is also seen as an illegal activity. In such a situation, if any dispute arises, it can create problems for both the parties.

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