Telegram Update: Many features came together, Saved Message 2.0 also came..


If you are also a user of Telegram then there is good news for you. Many features have come simultaneously in Telegram. The most special feature in the new update is Saved Messages 2.0. With its help, users will be able to filter messages and save text, media, or links. Apart from this, many features have come in Telegram.


New features of Telegram
The new features that have come in Telegram include one-time voice, video message, pause, and resume recording, read time in private chat, and a new design. The new updates have been released for both iOS and Android.

Saved Message 2.0
With the help of Saved Messages 2.0, users will be able to forward text messages, media links, etc. With the help of this feature, any forwarded message can be viewed in a separate chat window. Under this feature, messages from any contact, group, or channel can be saved and kept at the top of the app. Tags have also been added to the saved message. Now emojis can also be added to tags and filters.

One-time voice and video message
Telegram has introduced the View Once feature for voice and video. Messages sent under View Once cannot be viewed again, because such messages are automatically deleted.
Read time in private chat
When a checkmark appears with a message in Telegram, it means that the message has been delivered but has not been read. Two check marks mean that the message has been read. Earlier the check mark feature did not work in private chats but now it will. Now read time can also be used in private chats which will be for 7 days.


New design for shared contacts
Last year in October, Telegram released colors, color combinations and emojis for premium users which were for contacts. This customization was reflected with the name but was not visible when sharing the contact. Now after the new update, when you share a contact, the editing done with it will be visible.

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