Telecom Act 2023: Many rules will change in September, SIM cards will not be available without biometrics..

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has completed all preparations to implement the Telecom Act 2023. The Telecom Act 2023 will be implemented from 15 September 2024. This means that this law will be implemented within 100 days of the formation of the new government. Many changes have been made to this rule which are very important. 


Complete preparations have been made in the Telecom Act 2023 regarding data collection, spectrum allocation, etc. According to the ET report, the most important thing about the new rule is related to biometrics. According to the new rule, biometric verification will be mandatory for issuing SIM cards. Its advantage will be that users' data will not be misused and no one else's SIM card will be in their hands.


In the new rule, strictness has also been imposed to collect the data of the users. Apart from this, many changes have also been made regarding spectrum allocation to satellite companies. Satellite companies must have already been told when, where, and how the spectrum they will get will be used. To provide satellite-based internet service in India, spectrum will also have to be purchased from the government. Apart from this, now promotional messages and calls will come from only two series of numbers. A number series has also been allotted for this.

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