Teej Special Recipe: Make Tasty Phirni on the occasion of Teej, the taste will leave you licking your fingers!


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The fast of Hariyali Teej is very special for married women. On this day, women fast for the long life of their husbands by doing Solah Shringar and fasting for the whole day. This year the fast of Hariyali Teej is being observed on the 19th of August. In such a situation, women also prepare many types of dishes at home to make this day special. If you too are thinking of making something special to sweeten the mouth of your husband and family members during Puja, then make instant Tasty Phirni. This recipe is very easy.

Ingredients for Phirni

- 3 tbsp raw white rice

- 1-liter cream milk

- 1 tsp ghee

- 15-20 threads of saffron -

½ cup granulated sugar

- ½ tsp rose water

- Almonds and pistachios for garnish


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The traditional method of making phirni

To make Phirni, first, wash and soak the rice in 1 cup of water for an hour. After this drain the water and grind the rice in a small bowl in a blender with 1 tbsp of water and make a thick paste. Now heat ghee in a nonstick pan on medium heat and add milk to it and boil it. While heating the milk, keep stirring it in between so that the milk does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Now add ground rice and saffron threads to the milk and mix well. After this reduce the flame of the gas and cook for 50 minutes till it thickens again. While cooking phirni, keep stirring it at regular intervals to avoid lumps. Remember that the phirni should be thick like custard.

Now keep scraping the sides of the pan regularly and pour the condensed milk back into the pan. Keep in mind that the dough will harden when it cools down. Add sugar and rose water to the pan and mix. You can add more or less sugar as per your taste. Cook for another minute till the sugar dissolves in the phirni. Now place the chikkis in different earthen pots. Garnish with chopped almonds-pistachios and dry rose petals. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap so the foam doesn't absorb fridge odors. Keep in the fridge for 4-5 hours before serving.