Teej Celebration Ideas: Organizing a Teej party at home? Make your party special with these ideas!


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Light rain in the month of Shravan makes the weather completely pleasant. Meanwhile, there is greenery everywhere. Many festivals also come in this beautiful season. Hariyali Teej will come in a few days. This year this festival will be celebrated on 19 August. Women like to party with their girlfriends at the Teej festival. If you also want to have a party on this special day, then here are some ideas that can be useful for you.

Festive Ideas for Hariyali Teej Party

Flowers will increase the beauty

Flowers can be useful for you to make the green Teej party beautiful. You can incorporate flowers into your theme for the day. You can also add floral jewelry to the theme to dress up. After wearing this kind of jewelry, the pictures will also look very beautiful.


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Make it memorable with a fashion show

To make the party memorable, you can have a fashion show competition. In this, you give a reward to the woman who does a good walk and follows the theme.

Women wear green bangles as soon as the green theme Shravan month begins. In such a situation, you can also keep a green theme for the party.


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Mehndi Contest

You can include some contests to get the ladies interested in the party. You can take the Mehndi competition. And you can also give a prize to the person who applies the most beautiful henna.