Teddy Day 2024: Why is Teddy Day celebrated? Know the interesting reason and history behind this


As soon as February starts, the winds of love start blowing everywhere. Everyone waits for Valentine's Week so that they can celebrate these days of love with their partner. Can make her feel special. Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of this month. On this day people gift a teddy to their special person. But the question that comes to mind is why this day is celebrated, and what the history behind this day is. In this article, we are going to tell you about it.

History of Teddy Day

A lot of information related to Teddy Day is shared. But the history behind this is that once US President Theodore Roosevelt was travelling in Lucian. During this time, one day he went hunting with his soldiers. Where he saw the bear in pain. Which was tied to a tree. Seeing the bear suffering, he decided to kill it.

Then the soldier asked why he did this and he said that by the time he was taken for treatment, he would have died in agony. This is not seen by us. After this, he was criticized a lot. But people understood this and then the local people started making cartoon beer and named it Teddy. He took permission for this from the President because his pet name was Teddy. Since then this day has been celebrated on 10th February. 

Why celebrate Teddy Day 

Everyone celebrates Teddy Day to express their love. People give each other teddies and increase love, express their feelings 

How To Celebrate Teddy Day

To celebrate this day, buy a cute teddy from the market, pack it as a gift, attach a nice note and give it to your loved one. Let us tell you that many different types of teddies are available in the market. In such a situation, you have to select the teddy keeping in mind your partner's preferences. 

Image Credit- Freepik