Tech Update: One status will be visible in two places, in a single tap you can work on WhatsApp as well as Facebook..


Every second smartphone user is using Meta's popular chatting app WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp chatting app is very easy.

Status is put on WhatsApp quickly

Here all the important work is done with a single tap. From sending files to making calls, all the work is done as soon as you come on this chat.


At the same time, when it comes to sharing status, the first thought that comes to mind is WhatsApp.

Status for Facebook along with WhatsApp

How would it be if status could be shared for Facebook along with WhatsApp? This work can be done without taking much time.

Actually, along with putting status on WhatsApp, there is an option to share it for Facebook as well. In this article, we are telling the complete method of putting Facebook status from WhatsApp-

Put Facebook Status from WhatsApp itself like this

To share Facebook status from WhatsApp, first, you have to open WhatsApp.

Now you have to come to the status page.

Now you have to put WhatsApp status.

After putting the status, you have to click on it again.

Now on the page where views are visible, you have to click on the three-dot option.

Now you have to tap on the Share to Facebook option.

As soon as your WhatsApp status is shared on Facebook, the Facebook logo immediately appears next to the status.


This setting of putting the same status on Facebook through WhatsApp can be useful for the user when he is in a hurry.

With this setting, Facebook work is done from WhatsApp itself. The need to open Facebook to put a status also ends.

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