Tech Tips: You can make calls even if there is no signal in your smartphone, make this change in the settings immediately..


Anything can be done through mobile in a very short time. But the problem comes when the phone does not get network in an emergency. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to call anyone. But here let us tell you that phone calls can be made even without a signal. If you ever come into such a situation, then you need not worry. Further in this news, know how you can make phone calls even when there is no signal in the smartphone.


Take advantage of this feature
Smartphones have reached most people, but still, people do not know about all the features of the phone properly. If there is no mobile tower in the phone, then the help of a WiFi calling feature can be taken. Yes, nowadays WiFi calling feature is being given in almost all the mobiles coming into the market.

What is the WiFi calling feature?
For your information, let us tell you that the WiFi calling feature available on the phone is a part of advanced technology. If there is no cellular network in the mobile, then the user can easily call anyone. The great thing about this feature is that it does not require any kind of signal. This feature is used more in rural areas of the country. However, this feature is also used in areas with weak networks. People do not have to spend any money on this facility.

Start the facility this way
To take advantage of the WiFi calling feature, a little change has to be made in the phone settings. The way to change its settings is almost the same, whether you have an iPhone or an Android device.

To turn on this feature, go to the phone settings.


Then go to call settings, network, or connection.

Let us tell you here that this feature can be different in different devices.

After this, click on the option of WiFi calling and turn on the toggle.

However, to take advantage of this feature, it is necessary to have a brand new connection in the phone, otherwise, this feature will not work.

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