Tech Tips: Network problems will now be solved easily, with these methods the network will remain full on both iPhone and Android..


If you also have network issues. Despite having a smartphone, if you are troubled by a poor network, then this news is for you. Well, when we talk about network issues, first of all, we think that the network is bad due to the tower or due to the telecom companies.

But, do you know that sometimes the network is bad due to the lack of correct settings on the phone? Today we will tell you how you can fix the network by making small changes in the settings of your phone.


The network will be correct in this way
Restart: Whenever you feel that there is a network problem, you should first restart your phone. This is the simplest way to fix the network problem.

Airplane mode: Put your phone on airplane mode for a few seconds. It refreshes the network connection.

Network settings reset: If you are an Android user, then you have to go to Settings and select System and then go to Reset option and select Network Settings Reset. At the same time, iPhone users have to go to Settings, click on General, and select Reset Network Settings from the Reset option.

Check SIM card
You should check the SIM card. If the SIM card is damaged somewhere, then you should replace it. Clean the SIM slot and card and re-insert it.

Check network operator settings
For manual network selection, you have to go to Settings, click on Mobile Networks select the network operator, and then select the network manually.

For automatic network selection, you have to go to Settings, click on Network Operator in the Mobile Networks option, and select Automatic.


Check APN settings
Sometimes network issues also occur due to not having the correct APN settings. In such a situation, to correct the settings, you have to go to the phone settings, go inside Mobile Networks go to Access Point Names (APN), and set the correct APN of your network provider.

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