Tech Tips: Your favorite website will become an app, now you can work with a single tap on desktop...


Do you know about Progressive Web Apps? Progressive web apps are apps that eliminate the difference between websites and native apps.


That means, with progressive web apps, you do not need to download any app from the app store and you get an app-like experience.

The website will become an app
With Chrome Channel Canary, the app-like experience of users is about to reach the next level. Yes, the company is now offering its users the facility to install any website as a desktop app.

The entire website will open with single click
That means you can make dedicated apps on your desktop for those websites that you visit daily. Your work can become easier with a single click.

You will no longer need to visit browser tabs. By clicking on the app icon on the desktop, the website will automatically open in its own separate window. After this, you will be able to use the website as before.

Where will you get the new option?
With the latest Canary update, you can find the Install page as an app… option in the Save & Share menu. By clicking on this option, it will create a dedicated app window for the website.
Install Chrome Canary and enable flags

To use the feature, you need to install Chrome Canary and enable these flags:




Let us tell you, that this special feature is available on Chrome Canary (early version of Chrome 124). However, the stable Chrome version (122) currently focuses on AI writing and read-aloud tools.

The upcoming stable release (Chrome 123) will introduce a built-in PDF reader, Android-style media playback for desktops, and enhanced tab group sharing.

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