Tech Tips: Do this work immediately before using the internet, this carelessness may cause the virus to enter your phone..


If you use Google Chrome then this information is going to be useful for you.

Does this happen to you too when you are using the Internet and suddenly a new window opens due to an unwanted ad?

If yes, then this article can be useful for you.


Why do unwanted ads appear?
There can be many reasons for unwanted ads and websites opening in a new tab while using Google Chrome.

Pop-up ads can be caused by adware or PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). Browser extensions are also caused by such ads.

Why can pop-up ads be dangerous?
Such popup ads and redirects can prove to be dangerous for an Internet user.

Many times such content is displayed in such ads, which can make the user feel uncomfortable.

The biggest problem with such pop ads is that the user inadvertently reaches a suspicious site. Sometimes such websites may also contain malware.


Popup ads can install any kind of adware or malware on the phone. This can happen without the user's knowledge.

Popup ads and redirects can collect the personal data of the internet user. In such a situation, privacy and security can be at risk.

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