Tech Tips: Do not make this common mistake while charging the phone, it will cause a big loss..


If we tell you that you charge your smartphone in the wrong way, then you will say what a joke. I have been using a mobile for so many years and you are going to tell me how to charge the phone? The problem is such that most people are not aware of it. Even after a big battery and fast charging, everyone is worried about charging. You will be surprised to know that some of your mobile charging habits are ruining both your phone and battery. Today we will tell you some tips by following which you can use both the battery and the phone for a long time.


Use original charger: Always use the original charger that supports the phone. Buying any charger from the market and using it can be dangerous.

Avoid maximum charging: Avoid maximum charging of your mobile, i.e. charge it only up to 80-90%.

Avoid fast charging: Fast charging only ends the life of the battery. You can use a charger up to 20 watts.

Avoid heat: Do not keep the mobile in hot places or direct sunlight, as excessive heat can cause the battery to swell and even get damaged.

Take care of the charging cable: Always use the charging cable that is original or came with the phone.


Do not keep it on the bed: Avoid charging the mobile on the bed, sofa, or bed, as it can generate heat which is not good for the battery.

Avoid overnight charging: Avoid charging the mobile overnight, as it can overcharge the battery and may generate heat.

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