Tech Tips: Aadhar card can also be locked, this is an easy process!


Aadhar card has become one of the essential documents of Indian citizens. You can also lock the Aadhar card. UIDAI has provided the facility to get Aadhaar card done at home. Under this, you can lock the Aadhar card through just one message.

This feature of UIDAI will work like a lock, which no other person will be able to unlock. To lock your Aadhaar number, you have to SMS GETOTP to 1947. Now you will get an OTP on the phone.

Now you have to write LOCKUID Aadhaar number and message it once again to 1947. After completion of this process, your Aadhaar number will be locked. Let us tell you that fraud can happen to you through Aadhar card also. To avoid this, you should lock the Aadhar card number.

PC: businesstoday

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