Tea Time Snack: Enjoy Spicy Garlic Potatoes with tea, it tastes amazing!


If you want to try something spicy with tea, then you should try Garlic Potatoes. These are amazing and you can easily make them at home too. 

Necessary ingredients

Potato - 5 Peeled

black pepper - 1 tsp Powdered

Garlic - 4 cloves Peeled Refined

oil - as required

Green coriander - 2 tsp Finely chopped

Silver foil - to spread the potato

Salt- As per taste 

Garlic butter - 2 tsp



First of all, put the microwave to preheat. After this, peel the potatoes and cut them into long shapes. Now add salt, black pepper powder, garlic paste, green coriander, and refined oil to the potato and keep it in a bowl for a while.

Mix all these things well in the potatoes and put them in the preheated microwave to cook. Now take a silver foil, put garlic on it, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and pack it.

After this, spread the potatoes on the baking tray and put packed garlic in one corner of it. Cook the potatoes in the preheated microwave for half an hour. If possible, keep turning the potatoes in between. After cooking in the microwave for half an hour, take out the potatoes. 

- Serve by adding garlic butter.