Swara Bhasker: Corona infected Swara Bhaskar was given the curse of death by the users, the actress said - if something happens to me...


Recently the corona report of actress Swara Bhaskar has been found positive. This information was given by the actress while sharing the post on social media. Since then, his fans and co-stars wished him a speedy recovery.


Swara Bhaskar tweet
Informing her fans late on Thursday, Swara wrote – “I have isolated myself. I am in quarantine. I have a fever. There is a slight headache and there is no taste of anything. I had taken both doses of the vaccine so hopefully, I will get well soon.”


Trollers pray for Swara's death
However, on this post too, Swara had to fall prey to trolls. Reading some of the posts shared by Swara, it seems that the trollers were celebrating her corona positive. Sharing Swara's tweet, he wrote, 'Best news I have heard in 2022. RIP in advance A user posted, 'Om Shanti in advance in advance.'


Swara replied to the trollers
Responding to all such posts, Swara called all the haters as her 'nafrati chintoos' (hater). "Friends, please keep your emotions under control. If anything happens to me, your livelihood will be in danger. How will you run your household?"

What does Swara think about trollers?

Due to her political posts, Swara has faced trolls many times in the past as well. He has also accused many people of being paid trolls. In an interview given in 2020, Swara while addressing the trolling said that sometimes, I feel sad to think that people have forgotten that there is a real person behind that Twitter or Instagram handle.