Survey: Despite vaccination being voluntary, pressure is being made on people, know what is the government's side?


In all parts of the world, there is a spurt in the cases of corona infection once again. In view of the increasing cases, many countries have started imposing necessary restrictions again. Talking about India, for the last few days, there has been an upsurge in the figures of corona cases and deaths. According to health experts, all people should get vaccinated to avoid the risk of serious infection of corona and death due to it. So far, more than 111 crore people in India have received at least one dose of the vaccine.


Meanwhile, a special thing has come to the fore in the Community Best Digital Survey regarding the vaccination drive. 1 out of every 4 citizens surveyed say that local administrations and companies have made Kovid vaccination mandatory. There are also many such offices where entry without vaccination is not allowed. The important thing is that the vaccination of Kovid-19 in the country has been kept completely voluntary.

Vaccination has been made mandatory in many places
In this survey conducted on about 36 thousand people in 328 districts of the country, the matter of vaccination has come to the fore. 26 percent of the people surveyed said that the local administration has made it mandatory for all residents in their district to take the vaccine. Many offices have allowed employees to enter the second dose of the vaccine only with a certificate. Not only this, vaccine certificate is also being demanded for ration and other government facilities available.


What did the survey find?
29 percent of the people surveyed said that their area like colony/market associations have made it mandatory for people to show proof of vaccine. 40 percent of people say that their

Employers or offices have made vaccination mandatory, even admission without a certificate is not allowed. More or less similar reactions have come to the fore from all over the countryside. For example, the Aurangabad District Collectorate has made it a rule to provide facilities at fair price shops, gas agencies and petrol pumps only to those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

What does the government have to say?
The Union Health Ministry, through a counter-affidavit filed in the Bombay High Court on October 8, had said that vaccination for COVID is a matter of social responsibility and should be treated as a matter of public interest. In this fight of corona infection, everyone should get vaccinated as a responsible citizen. However, this in no way means that a person can be forced to vaccinate against his will.

It is not right to pressurize about vaccination
There is no mention of its mandatory in the order of the Central Government regarding vaccination, that is, it depends on the discretion of the person. At the same time, from the legal point of view, Article 21 of the Constitution has given people the option of 'Right to Healthcare', on the basis of which they can voluntarily choose better health options for themselves. So in such a situation, the question arises that why are companies pressurizing employees to get vaccinations? Vaccination is necessary to protect against corona, but how right it is to make direct-indirect pressure on people.