Sunderkand Path: Recite this every Tuesday to please Lord Hanuman, your wishes will be fulfilled!



In the Hindu religion, one day is dedicated to every god. Similarly, Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman Ji. Hanuman ji is worshiped on Tuesday. There is great importance in doing special worship of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and reciting Sunderkand on this day is considered very auspicious and beneficial.

There is Sunderkand text in Ramcharitmanas.

Goswami Tulsidas ji had composed Ramcharitmanas which is dedicated to Lord Shri Ram and is a sacred text of Hindus. One chapter of this is famous by the name of Sunderkand. It contains the description of Hanuman ji. It is believed that by reciting Sunderkand on Tuesday, Lord Hanuman is pleased and his wishes are also fulfilled.

Importance of reciting Sunderkand:

According to mythological beliefs, Hanuman ji is considered indebted to Shani Dev. That is why it is said that the devotees of Hanuman ji do not have to face the wrath of Shani Dev. Hanuman ji is also worshiped to reduce the evil effects or wrath of Saturn. If a devotee recites Sunderkand on Saturday, Lord Hanuman is pleased.