Sun Tan Protection Tips: If you do not want skin tanning like Deepika Padukone, then follow these tips before a beach vacation!


Skin tan due to heat is a common problem but still, people do not stop travelling in this season. Especially during the summer season, most people like to go on beach vacations. You should often wear covered clothes while walking in the sun. If you do not wear covered clothes, then things like sun tan, and sunburn happen on the part of the body which comes in contact with sunlight. When tanning occurs, the exposed part of the skin becomes black or in simple words the skin gets burnt.

Most people believe that problems like sun tan or sunburn happen only to common people, whereas this is not at all the case. Recently, Bollywood's top actress Deepika Padukone shared her latest photo with fans through her social media account, in which she is seen flaunting her sun tan.

Actually, in this picture sun tan can be clearly seen on the back of the actress. These days Deepika is pregnant and is enjoying her beach vacation a lot during her pregnancy. If you too are going on a beach vacation like the actress, then you can adopt these tips to avoid sun tan.

If you are going on a beach vacation, keep these things in mind, your skin will not tan like Deepika Padukone.

If you want to enjoy the sea waves while sitting on the beach in summer, then you should also take special care of your skin. If you are fond of having fun on the beach, then you should not wear swimming costumes or short clothes for a long time. Wearing too short clothes can cause your skin to get burnt due to direct exposure to sunlight and you may suffer from sunburn or sun tan.

Before going to the beach, do not forget to apply sunscreen properly, apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before. By applying sunscreen, you can protect your skin from tanning to a great extent. Go out after applying sunscreen thoroughly not only on the face but also on the neck, back, legs and hands. To avoid sun tan, sunscreen with SPF 30 is considered best.

Apart from applying sunscreen, it is important that you drink as much water as possible in this season, and it is important to stay hydrated during the summer season. For this, you must include seasonal fruit juices in your diet.

Avoid going to the beach in harsh sunlight, choose morning or evening time to enjoy beach vacation freely. Don't forget to carry an umbrella, scarf, sunscreen, sunglasses and water bottle with you.