Summer Tips: Which fabric is best for summer, know its types!


In summer, there is a lot of trouble due to scorching sun and hot winds. The summer season has just begun. But as the heat increases, the sun will become more intense. In such a situation, one starts feeling unwell due to sweating. Many people have skin-related problems like sunburn, itching and redness. The reason for this is not just sweat. Could also be clothes. Because many clothes are like this. Those who cannot absorb sweat. Due to this, we may have skin-related problems.

Therefore, during the summer season, we should choose clothes very carefully. Most people like to wear clothes made of light and thin fabric. In such a situation, you know which fabric clothes would be better to wear in the summer season. So that you do not have to face any kind of problem due to sunlight and sweat.


People prefer to wear cotton clothes in summer. Because it is very thin and also helps in absorbing sweat. In such a situation, this fabric is suitable for summer. You will find many varieties in this. You can get a cotton kurti, suit, shirt, T-shirt and saree made and wear them.


Linen is also included in the fabric worn in summer. This fabric made of cotton is very light, wearing it will not make you feel too hot and it also proves to be effective in absorbing sweat. Due to this, there is no problem like heat rash. Wrinkles appear very quickly on this fabric. Also, it does not take much time to dry after washing. You will find readymade outfits made of linen fabric in the market. Also, you can buy clothes and get your outfit made as per your choice.


Chambray is very similar to linen and cotton. It looks like denim. But it is much lighter than this. You can get bottoms, shirts and dresses made from it or buy readymade dresses from the market. Wearing this in summer can give you a cool look.


Chiffon fabric is very thin and light. Most women like to wear its sarees. This fabric is also very easy to carry. If you want, you can also make a suit out of it. This fabric will also be suitable for the summer season.