Summer Skin Care: For skin care in summer, add these leaves to water and take a bath, you will get many benefits!


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In the summer season, one has to face many skin-related problems like itching, burning, etc. Sweat and dirt immediately affect the skin. Summer season is the worst for the skin. UV rays cause more damage to the skin during the summer season. The skin may appear dull or lifeless. Experts suggest making sure the skin remains hydrated. For this, you can try some home remedies. You can use some special leaves to refresh the skin.

These leaves have properties that can maintain freshness in the skin. Nowadays people rely more on beauty products for better skin care. However, these products also have their disadvantages as they contain chemicals. Let us tell you which leaves you can use for herbal baths in your beauty routine. This way:

During the summer season, soak Neem leaves, which are rich in antibacterial properties, in water and make it a habit to take a bath with it. By doing this, skin-related problems like itching or burning remain away. Moreover, Neem helps in healing the skin from within. All you have to do is boil neem leaves in water and mix the prepared water with normal water. With this home remedy of Neem, boils and pimples appear less in summer.

Neem herbal bath makes the skin glow and keeps serious problems like eczema away. Neem water also benefits the hair as it prevents dandruff and acne on the head.

Aloe vera gel

can be heated in water and mixed with normal water. Massaging the skin with aloe vera gel before bathing can be doubly beneficial. With this home remedy, the skin remains healthy and shiny. Aloe vera gel is rich in antibacterial properties, hence it also protects the skin from boils and pimples. Aloe vera gel is considered best for skin care. If you want, you can also mix other ingredients in aloe vera gel and apply it on the skin. Apart from this, this method of green leaves can prevent hair damage in summer.

Green Tea Bath:

If you want, you can take an herbal bath using green tea. Green tea, which helps in reducing belly fat, can also be used while bathing as it can get rid of the smell of sweat from the body. Take water in a vessel and add one spoon of green tea to it. After the water cools down, mix it with normal water and use it for bathing. This remedy can keep the skin fresh for a long time because freshness disappears after some time after bathing with normal water.